Meet up

Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint.

Tuesday, 30th May at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Raspberry Pint in May 2017


Webbluetooth and ARM mbed enabled platform

Pachito Marco Calabrese

Pachito Marco Calabrese works as a Senior Frontend Engineer at Bolighed A/S

Pi and pySerial

Romilly Cocking

Romilly runs RARESchool, a website that offers news, books and courses for Teachers, Students and Makers. He has been programming for almost 60 years and programming in Python since 2002. He is a long-term supporter of the Raspberry Pi and he's currently exploring MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit and is keen to share what he's learned.

Ad hoc Speakers! Have you got a talk?

Anyone with anything to share is welcome to stand up and give a short talk

Please plan on only 10 minutes/talk. This is more suited to smaller, less complex projects.

Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint.

We encourage people to stand up and speak about their Raspberry Pi experiences, cool projects and give easy tutorials.

Many people bring along their projects to show off (quite right too) and get some help and advice with some sticky problem.

All are welcome!

  • Visit with other RPinters, help set up the room.

  • Unstructured play-time, conversations, or skill building with other RPinters.

    • Everyone should take this time to catch up with others or meet newbies.
    • Get your drinks prepared for the talks - available for purchase from the bar.
    • Others..... Hopefully RPinters will do other randomish stuff.

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