Tuesday, 26th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Raspberry Pint in September 2017


Designing Open Source Add-On Boards for the Pi

Leon Anavi

Leon Anavi is an open source enthusiast and a senior software engineer. He is an active contributor to various open source projects. His professional experience includes web and mobile application development for various platforms as well as porting embedded Linux distributions to Raspberry Pi and devices with i.MX6, Rockchip and Allwinner (aka sunxi) SoC.

Epoxy Curing Oven

Tony Smith

Tony is a professional electrical engineer and has been applying Raspberry Pi within months of its first release. Since that time Tony has deployed in excess of 60 industrial based system based on a Pi. He has developed several input / output boards for use in electrically harsh environment of industry.

Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint.

We encourage people to stand up and speak about their Raspberry Pi experiences, cool projects and give easy tutorials.

Many people bring along their projects to show off (quite right too) and get some help and advice with some sticky problem.

All are welcome!

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