Meet up

Patterns for "Offline First" Application with Miguel Angel Quinones!

Tuesday, 12th September in London

This meetup was organised by iOSCon Bytes in September 2017


Patterns for "Offline First" Application with Miguel Angel Quinones!

The best applications function equally well with and without network access. Offline functionality goes beyond a simple cache or database, and it is not a binary choice. Offline first encompasses project requirements, user interface design, security and code architecture.

In this talk we'll review the challenges and ways to build applications that take offline as a first class requirement.

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Miguel Angel Quinones

Miguel is a control systems engineer who turned to iOS many years ago. Attracted by the simplicity yet power of Apple's ecosystem, he never looked back. He has extensive experience working on apps used by millions of users. He has worked on Badoo, Bumble, and currently Peak Brain Training.

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