Meet up

A Deep dive into MBrace.Sql with Anthony Brown!

Wednesday, 24th May at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by FsharpX Bytes in May 2017


A Deep dive into MBrace.Sql with Anthony Brown!

In this talk Anthony will explore the rationale for building such a tool and why you might want to allow MBrace jobs to be written in SQL rather than using F# directly. Following this, you'll look at the internals of MBrace.Sql and the components which fit together to make it all work. You’ll see how you’re able to write a custom SQL dialect designed with our use case in mind quickly and easily using FParsec, you’ll see how F# makes it trivial to transpire ASTs from one language to another and you’ll see how this can be applied directly to MBrace workloads. Finally you’ll see what the future holds for the project and how we can move it forward in line with other MBrace developments.

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Anthony Brown

Anthony has been using F# professionally for over 4 years now having worked on backend APIs, IoT solutions, cloud services but now focusses on web development with SAFE.

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