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How to use Elm to create web apps that don’t crash, ever!

Wednesday, 27th September in London

This meetup was organised by FullStack Bytes in September 2017


How to use Elm to create web apps that don’t crash, ever!

Elm has quickly become established as the most accessible way to build highly-resilient web apps that have elegant, readable, code. In this talk you will discover clear-cut benefits, and take an honest look at the pros and cons for developers. Along the way, you'll see time-travel debugging in action, get a feel for some functional programming concepts, and find out how to interface Elm with d3 visuals.

If only to add flashing lights to the talk, there will be IoT gadgets coded in a functional language!

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Jon Kelly

Jon Kelly is an experienced programmer who codes in Javascript (e.g. Nodejs & Angular), C++ and C# (mostly .Net), but not always on the same projects! Having built trading systems from a cupboard used for storing curtains, nowadays he is working on a mix of applications for start-ups and international projects.

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