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First BDD London of 2017!

Monday, 20th February in London

This meetup was organised by BDD London in February 2017


First BDD London of 2017!

One of the best meet ups in the last two years were practical events with high levels of collaboration. So we’re now committing to bring more focus on practical and collaborative exercises as part of our meetings. After all, BDD is all about collaboration, isn’t it? We want to create a space for us to think about and discuss the challenged we face.

In the spirit of our newly found commitment, we’re doing something fairly different for the first meet up this year.

First, we’ll start with a quick open-forum discussion that would focus on immediate, real challenges attendees have in regards to breaking collaborative silos. Konstantin, Ciaran and, hopefully, other BDD thinkers will provide their expertise and brain in a clear strive to fight collaboration challenges collaboratively.

Second, Konstantin and Ciaran will facilitate their Modelling by Example workshop on exploring and defining Ubiquitous Language that should support your conversation in examples. Konstantin and Ciaran already delivered this workshop at multiple conferences to a great acclaim, so don’t lose this opportunity to experience it for free, surrounded by fellow London practitioners.

Thirdly, we would love if some of you propose some lightning talks to spread between sessions. We are very committed to grow this community by helping you to spread the word. So here’s our CFP page.

Ciaran McNulty

Ciaran helps teams at all levels of ability improve via training and coaching. He has been a PHP professional since the late 90s and is passionate about TDD, BDD and Agile methodologies. He is lead maintainer of PhpSpec, a unit level BDD tool.

Konstantin Kudryashov

When not speaking at conferences Konstantin Kudryashov is an Agile blogger, organiser of BDD London meetups, the creator of Behat, Mink, co-creator of PhpSpec and leads the Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) practice at Inviqa, a leading digital consultancy in Europe. As a communication coach, he has helped teams in many organisations bridge the gap between business and IT using Agile processes and development practices like Scrum, Kanban, BDD, TDD, Collaborative Product Ownership and Deliberate Discovery.

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