Meet up

Dapps for the masses with Makoto Inoue

Thursday, 2nd March at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by ChainConf Bytes in March 2017


Dapps for the masses with Makoto Inoue

In his talk, Makoto will share his findings of writing user-friendly Dapps, things you have to consider when deploying to production (aka mainnet) and the gaps in the Ethereum ecosystem that makes hard for Dapps to go to the masses. The talk contains some (not a lot) code walkthrough as well.

Even though the idea and concept of Smart contracts is very powerful and getting popular, Most Dapp (Decentralised application built on blockchain)s are either still at PoC(Proof of Concept mostly in private network) stage or limited to virtual applications, such as games, gambling, and prediction markets where you don't see people who you interact with. BlockParty is a meetup management Dapp (with a twist) built on Ethereum Blockchain platform, and have used to manage real world events.

Makoto Inoue

A developer at ENS ( currently working DNS integration into ENS. The founder of BlockParty ( The organiser of London Ethereum Codeup (, a monthly study group to learn Ethereum coding over beer.

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