Tuesday, 8th August in London

This meetup was organised by iOSCon Bytes in August 2017


iOSCon Bytes with Dan Cutting

Different customers can mean remixing multiple themes for entirely customised flows or feature combinations. At this month's iOSCon Bytes, Dan Cutting will be talking about how to make this difficult task a breeze! Don't miss it!

Many apps support multiple themes, but some need the ability to be remixed with entirely customised flows or combinations of features for different customers. It's difficult to do this well with a typical View Controller-centric architecture, but a combination of Coordinators and Clean architecture make this not just possible but pleasant and easy to test too.

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Dan Cutting

Dan started coding on an Apple IIc and IIGS, before experimenting with UNIX and Windows during his wilderness years. He stumbled into iOS development in 2008 and has since been lead developer for several award-winning apps including Sky Mobile TV, Sky Movies and F1 Race Control. You can find him blogging at cutting.io.

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