Meet up

Go 1.8 Release Party

Wednesday, 15th February at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by GO London User Group in February 2017


Go 1.8, what's new?

Ernesto Jimenez

Ernesto is a happy Gopher maintaining testify, playing with go generate, and helping run the Gophers Slack team. He cofounded which helps companies share Slack channels with clients and partners and has all the backend written in Go.

Static & Dynamic Plugins with Go 1.8

In this talk I will go over a plugin system that allows both statically-built and dynamically-loaded plugins using the new Go "plugin" package available in version 1.8:

Cameron Sparr

Cameron is a software developer living in London and working for InfluxData, the company behind InfluxDB and the TICK stack. He maintains Telegraf, which is a plugin-based agent for collecting & outputting metrics.

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