Tuesday, 11th April in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in April 2017


Don't miss this London Django Meetup with talks from Harry Papaloizou, Marco Alabruzzo and Ian Clark.

DRY Your Serializers

Ian will be talking about his package django-rest-framework-serializer-extensions - a collection of useful tools to DRY up your Django Rest Framework serializers.

Ian Clark

Lead software engineer at Housekeep, a home cleaning startup

Introduction to JWT authentication

The basic principles of JWT authentication and the differences compared to sessions.

Harry Papaloizou

Harry is a developer at pawsquad.com, and volunteers at omnifolio.org.

Denormalization (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Data Redundancy)

A practical guide on when to denormalize a database, and the golden rules to do it right.

Marco Alabruzzo

I’m web guy that values the process over technology and user experience over everything. I’ve made e-commerces, marketing tools and financial tools. Currently I’m helping Festicket creating hassle-free festival packages.

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