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London Django May Meetup

Tuesday, 9th May in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in May 2017


Databases, Django, Stability and Performance

Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick's a systems architect with 30+ years of experience and an occasional Django coder since V0.99. Always willing to share his experiences.

Connecting Django to The Internet of Things

This 20 minute presentation is all about tiny embedded systems and how to do that. It starts off with an quick demo of a home made 'thing' which will interact with the audience. The remaining time will be a choice between overview of the subject matter or a deep dive into one the components depending on what our audience vote on.

A variety of embedded systems will be brought along to the event for discussion points afterwards, some C++ driven, some Python driven and some with a full Linux OS. I shall be available after the event for further discussion.

Nicholas Herriot

Nicholas is currently working as Web and IoT Technology Manager at the Samsung Research Institute in West London. He has a long history in working with Django web projects and IoT in the past 10 years. He recently completed a project with the Office of National Statistics in Wales for the UK Government looking at using Flask and Django microservices running on Cloud Foundry. Loves Django and has been using IoT devices right back to the first mbed and raspberry pi boards.

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