Meet up

London Ruby March Meetup

Monday, 13th March at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in March 2017


Action Cable vs. MessageBus - Live updates tailored for Rails

Michal Horčic

Programming in Ruby for about three years after I changed my career from being project manager in web development company. Really enjoying this switch so far.

The story of the not-so dark magic of application preloading

Philipp Fehre

Traveling through the world of Scheme, C/C++, Ruby and JavaScript Phil enjoys all kinds programming and the respective communities. He is writing both software and words as sideshowcoder, and keeps talking about TDD, NoSQL and the software development process in general. Over the last few years he had the chance to work with and grow systems on the latest and greatest technologies. He saw them succeed, fail, and the tech being the "wrong tool", the "right tool" or the "most fun tool" for the job. He now works at Couchbase where he explores the ins and outs of NoSQL as a Developer Advocate.

Dependency Injection with Little Boxes

Manuel Morales

Being a Ruby developer since 2008, I enjoy my day to day job playing around with APIs, services and all kind of back end stuff at Workshare. I'm also a compulsive foodie embracing London for more than a year now.

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