Meet up

Quantum Computers - The world's most incredible machines

Tuesday, 14th March in London

This meetup was organised by LJC: London Java Community in March 2017


Quantum Computers - The world's most incredible machines

Many problems are so complicated that even the fastest supercomputer would currently take millions of years to provide an answer. Computers built with quantum technology (a quantum computer) may fundamentally change what a computer may be able to accomplish. Optimising financial transactions, machine learning, creating new medicines, understand protein folding and breaking codes are just some of the problems where the existence of a quantum computer could change everything. In this talk I will provide an overview of our work at University of Sussex University on constructing practical quantum technologies, in particular, a quantum computer utilizing ultracold trapped charged atoms. I will give an overview of our work and provide an introduction to the technologies used to build such a device. I will also explain the phenomena that give rise to such a massive increase in computational power and I will speculate on some of the applications for this device.

Winfried Hensinger

Winfried Hensinger is Professor of Quantum Technologies at the University of Sussex. Hensinger heads the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group and he is the director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies. Hensinger's group works on constructing a trapped-ion quantum computer demonstrator device, a quantum simulation engine as well as portable quantum sensors.

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