Meet up

Building Games with F#

Wednesday, 16th March at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in March 2011


Building Games with F#

In this session we’ll take a look at building some games for the WP7 in F#.

The aim for session is to dissect to relative small F# application, a Sudoku game written in F# and C# as well as a version of Snake written entirely in F#.

We’ll take a look at what F# encourages you to do differently when building apps and what remains the same as classical OO approach. We’ll take a look at what F# brings to the table when dealing with data from a phone’s accelerometer, which produces a large amount of data raising 50 events per second.

Also, take a small philosophical aside into the difference between building API and building application and we’ll see why F# is an excellent language to just get things done

Robert Pickering

Robert Pickering is a software engineer with an interested in using functional programming, particularly F#, to solve real world problems.

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