Meet up

Readable Modern C++ and sync_ptr

Wednesday, 8th March in London

This meetup was organised by C++ London in March 2017


This month we welcome more great speakers: Timur Doumler and Romain Cheminade.

sync_ptr, pointer chaining and stealing using RAII technique.

Instances management and propagation is challenging. They involve multiple combined patterns and requires us to keep track of the code managing creation and reclamation of such resources.

Chained references are complex to maintain, update, swap, steal, reclaim. These operations often require traversals incurring performance penalty.

Romain Cheminade

Romain Cheminade is Lead Software Engineer at Green Hippo, a London-based media server company. He has worked in various fields, from embedded systems to visualization and vfx. He is a tool maker who likes his latency low and his concurrency cooperative.

Readable Modern C++

C++ offers great performance and many powerful features like the standard library, a rich type system, and compile-time programming. However, it often ends up being hard to read. High-level languages like C++ are usually not written to communicate with compilers. They’re usually written to communicate with people. In fact, many developers spend more time reading and understanding other people's code than writing their own.

This talk focuses on how to optimise C++ code for being easily readable by average human developers, ideally being close to plain English. I will revisit best practices on naming, comments, and locality from a modern C++ perspective. Readability also means writing less code and avoiding repetitions and unnecessary noise. I will present practical use cases of modern C++ features that are especially effective to achieve this. I will finish the talk with an overview of new C++17 features aiming at more readable code, such as fold expressions, constexpr-if, and structured bindings.

Timur Doumler

Timur Doumler is a C++ developer specialising in audio and music technology, member of the ISO C++ committee, and program chair of the Audio Developer Conference (ADC). He is passionate about writing clean code, providing good tools, evolving the C++ language, and building inclusive communities.

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