Meet up

The Haunting Beauty of The Mandelbrot Fractal

Wednesday, 22nd March at CodeNode, London

This meetup is run by Algorithmic Art. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Join this talk and live demo on The Haunting Beauty of The Mandelbrot Fractal.

The Haunting Beauty of The Mandelbrot Fractal

The Mandelbrot (and related Julia) fractals are organic, intricate, beautiful ... sometimes hauntingly so!

This talk and demo will:

  • Explain the very simple mathematical algorithm used to create Mandelbrot and Julia fractals - including a very gentle introduction to complex numbers (they're not complex!) and seeing chaotic behaviour in action!

  • Live demo some of the images you can create yourself, using very simple Python code, or using existing tools

  • Talk about how you might manipulate these images further to create even more striking images - we'll see how we can add "oil paintings" texture to such images to great effect.

This talk is suitable for anyone who isn't an expert in coding or maths, it is intended to be an accessible introduction. Non-technical artists are most welcome!

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