Meet up

Why quality must come first

Monday, 7th March at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in March 2011


Why quality must come first

There is quality you don't need and then there is quality you most definitely do need. Gold plating is decidedly unAgile but eliminating rework is essential. The devil is in the detail.

The origins of Agile lie in improved quality. Unfortunately as the Agile debate has deepened and expanded the role of quality is too often overlooked. Unless organizations address the engineering challenges and improve quality most Agile initiatives will fail. All the Agile processes, practices and management is doomed if teams do not improve quality. In this presentation Allan Kelly looks at why improving quality is vital for achieving business Agility, how quality underpins Agile, when quality becomes gold-plating and what teams can do to improve the quality of their code and requirements.

Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly helps companies large and small enhance their agility and boost their digital offering. Clients include: Virgin Atlantic, Qualcomm, The Bank of England, Reed Elsevier and many more small innovative companies you've never heard of. He invented Value Poker, Time-Value Profiles and Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. He is the author of "Dear Customer, the truth about IT" and books including "Project Myopia", "Continuous Digital", "Xanpan" and "Business Patterns for Software Developers". His blog is at

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