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Static Analysis in Haskell with Neil Mitchell!

Tuesday, 11th July in London

This meetup was organised by HaskellX Bytes in July 2017


HaskellX Bytes with Neil Mitchell!

Haskell is a strongly typed programming language, which should be well suited to static analysis - specifically any insights about the program which don't require running the program. Alas, while type systems are becoming increasingly powerful, other forms of static analysis aren't advancing as fast. In this talk we'll give an overview of some of the forms of non-type-based static analysis that do exist, from the practical (GHC warnings, HLint, Weeder) to the research (LiquidHaskell, Catch).

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Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell is a Haskell programmer who lives in Cambridge with his wife Emily and his son Henry. Neil has a PhD in Computer Science from York University, working on making functional programs shorter, faster and safer. Since then he's worked with F# at Credit Suisse and Haskell/F#/C++ at Standard Chartered and Barclays, taking the lessons of functional programming and applying them in finance.

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