Meet up

Power BI, my review

Monday, 24th April at CodeNode, London

This meetup is run by Power BI Meetup Group . Starts at 6:30 PM.

Power BI, my review

In this session Mary Fealty will take you through her personal review by looking back at the many updates we’ve seen since it’s launch.

She give us a walk through of each update or enhancement to Power BI, though she may occasionally dwell more on some, as she aims to generate some of the following responses

• Know that

• Forgot that

• When did that happen

So listen carefully, there’ll be the chance of a prize at the end.

Mary Fealty

Mary is an old gamer who replaced her enjoyment of gaming with working with data. That’s how satisfying working with data is to her. She has been a massive fan of Power BI from its infancy to now. She makes her living from Power BI, as owner of Broadtree Solutions, who provide business intelligence solutions for the insurance sector. Based in Belfast, covering the UK & Ireland. She can also be spotted on Game of Thrones, as a Wildling.

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