Meet up

Mobile Journey at FreeAgent

Monday, 10th April in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in April 2017


Don't miss this London Ruby meetup with talks from three speakers!

Practical hypermedia APIs in Ruby

I’ll talk about my experience building hypermedia APIs in Ruby. What matters, what doesn’t, and what implications the approach might have on the way you design server code, client implementations and documentation.

Ismael Celis

Ismael is a developer at Thoughtbot London. Ruby and Go, he can talk about APIs for way too long.

Live Coding

A whirlwind exploration of how ’going live’ either online (all the rage on social media!) or in the flesh is being applied to coding.

Rosa Fox

Rosa is a developer at Government Digital Service and an organiser of the Code Bar.

Mobile Journey at FreeAgent

Talk description: A few years ago we decided that having a presence in the mobile space is essential for our users. This talk will present some of the approaches we have taken during the past few years and the lessons we have learned while building our mobile app.

Taking a journey from 2012 to the present, you will find out how FreeAgent ended up with a hybrid App Store solution and the process involved in building & shipping it: our initial Rails-based explorations, the making of a hybrid app, how we structure the codebase, using the Asset Pipeline to compile & deploy a non-Rails app, moving from CoffeeScript to ES6, and whether the Asset Pipeline is a good fit for such an app.

Ioan Serban

Ioan is a Senior Software Engineer at FreeAgent, working on all things API & Mobile. He is passionate about delivering great products to users that turn difficult tasks into effortless ones. When he is not coding, he likes to travel, hang around Starbucks, and pretends to understand what he reads in books written for physics enthusiasts.

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