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The Recipe for DevOps with Robert Firek!

Monday, 30th October in London

This meetup was organised by muCon Bytes in October 2017


The Recipe for DevOps with Robert Firek!

Every idea has the golden age. The DevOps movement is slowly reaching that point in its history. Come and Join Robert to explore the answers to questions raised by "users" of DevOps!

The wave of DevOps adaptions creates new opportunities, but it also arises the hordes of unhappy people badly touched by defective implementations of DevOps. Renaming the team names to "DevOps team" without transformation of the culture. Expecting the knowledge about the system administration from programmers. Thinking that DevOps is the continuous deployment. This is just a short list of DevOps sins. This distorted picture of DevOps in some of my projects forced me to ask the question: what are the main ingredients of DevOps? Is it our technical knowledge? Maybe it is how we maintain our infrastructure. Is it the way we organise our teams? Is it support from the management of our company? Can we define at all the recipe for DevOps?

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Robert Firek

Robert Firek is a software developer who has tasted many different flavours of programming. His broad range of experiences has helped to deliver quality software in many companies and organisations. He strives to create software according to the rule "Simplicity is the final achievement". As a Waterfall apostate, he encourages people to embrace Agile techniques.

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