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Asynchronous programming in JavaScript - higher-level abstractions

Tuesday, 22nd February at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in February 2011


Asynchronous programming in JavaScript - higher-level abstractions

Damjan Vujnovic, author of Advanced JavaScript Workshop has kindly agreed to give this talk on Asynchronous programming in JavaScript.

This talk is a follow up of Damjan's previous talk on JavaScript and TDD with Jasmin .

With the emergence of JavaScript libraries, we no longer have to deal with low-level APIs like XMLHttpRequest (readystatechange anyone? Long gone from my muscle memory...) and quirky transports like JSONP. jQuery.ajax and alike abstracted all that away. But are there any higher-level abstractions that can help us in the asynchronous world of JavaScript programming?

Damjan Vujnovic

With over a decade of experience working on domains within a variety of industries – including financial, government and social – Damjan Vujnovic is a strong authority on simplifying development processes to create robust software applications.

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