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Emacs April Meetup

Thursday, 13th April at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Emacs Hacking in April 2017


Emacs April Meetup

This meetup brings you action packed presentations from two speakers:

  • Benedek Fazekas (maintainer of clj-refactor.el) who'll discuss the new features of clj-refactor.el, his life as a maintainer and his flow with the Atreus keyboard

  • Wilfred Hughes author of multiple Emacs modes and most recently the author of Remacs, Rust port of Emacs, which he'll cover in his talk

This will be followed by an informal discussion where people talk about their hopes and dreams and get help with those.

Benedek Fazekas

Benedek has been programming in Java for more than 10 years but after a small detour to ruby he is happily hacking in clojure mainly nowadays. After working for a big media organisation he is now collecting positive karma points at uSwitch.

Wilfred Hughes

A versatile programmer from London and maintainer of Remacs, Rust port of Emacs.

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