Meet up

A lazy data scientist's toolkit with Mark Wilcock!

Monday, 5th June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by InfiniteConf Bytes in June 2017


A lazy data scientist's toolkit with Mark Wilcock!

The tools are :

· Tableau, a data visualisation tool, for exploring and presenting data beautifully,

· R and packages for data manipulation, plotting, text mining and predictive analytics,

· Excel - for pixel perfect reports,

· Power BI, an analytics and visualisation tool, for doing just that!,

· a SQL database in the cloud for improving data quality,

· a cloud-based machine learning toolkit (Azure ML),

· and cognitive services APIs for text analysis (and how to call them easily from R).

We'll use a wide variety of public datasets in our examples. These include :

· the recent results of the strength of EU banks from the European Banking Authority,

· health, wealth and populations stats from the Gapminder foundation,

· lifespan data from the Lancet and

· the corporate responsibility reports from a large bank.

The examples will also use some fictional data, but based on a real project, about a a trading firm's revenue reporting and other activities.

Mark Wilcock

Mark Wilcock is a lazy data scientist. He likes talking with clients, understanding the business issues and exploring the data but gets bored with data munging. So all the tools he uses are practical and easy to master.

Mark runs London Business Analytics Group, a popular, active meetup. He has an MA In Natural Science from Cambridge University and a MBA from Imperial College, London and is a Microsoft MVP on the Data Platform.

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