Meet up

Ray-Tracing for Photorealistic Scenes

Wednesday, 16th August in London

This meetup was organised by Algorithmic Art in August 2017


Ray-Tracing for Photorealistic Scenes

Tariq's talk will focus on gently introducing the basic concepts and algorithm for ray-tracing, but also give a taste of more sophisticated methods used in modern rendering:

• the core idea - following rays and their reflections

• some of the simple algorithms and maths

• simple Python code to demonstrate the core idea

• a short discussion of some additional methods - reflections, haze, texture

• free open source tools you can use yourself to create raytraced scenes - e.g. povray, blender

• a taste of modern approaches to rendering realistic scenes, such as radiosity

Tariq Rashid

Tariq has loved open source for over 20 years and first fell in love with Python in the last century!

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