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London Ruby June Meetup

Monday, 12th June in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in June 2017


Don't miss this London Ruby Meetup with talks from Nadia Odunayo, Alex McLintock and Hrishi Mittal.

Choosing Ruby for a new Startup

In 2016 I needed to pick the right set of tools for my web based startup, but Ruby on Rails was not my first choice. I will talk about some of the questions I asked myself as a C++/Perl/Java developer and some of the Ruby tools I picked.

Alex McLintock

Alex wrote publishing and financial software in the City for many years. Whilst looking after legacy compute farms, last decade, he stumbled across Hadoop and never looked back. Now keeping up with and communicating the changes in Hadoop is a full time job.

This Code Sucks — A Story About Nonviolent Programming

Think about something that happened at work recently. How did it make you feel? Why did it make you feel that way? Chances are you answered those two questions poorly. Our inability to answer such questions effectively leads us to communicate in ways that are negative and unhelpful. Let’s explore a day in the life of a fictional programmer who, just like us, means well and wants to do a great job. We’ll use our protagonist’s story to learn about how to honestly express our needs and effectively collaborate in disagreement.

Nadia Odunayo

Nadia co-founded Ignition Works in order to find fun and sustainable ways to build worthwhile software products. She has taught good engineering practices through pair programming at Pivotal Labs and she runs the Ruby Book Club podcast in her spare time.

3 ways of using React with Rails - pros and cons

A quick look at a few ways of using React with Ruby on Rails. The pros and cons of using React inside Rails with gems or in a separate frontend app with a Rails API.

Hrishi Mittal

I’m a web developer with many years experience building and shipping production apps with Ruby on Rails. I’m the founder of, an online education site for tech skills, where I teach a course on React.js to Rails developers.

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