Meet up

Open Source Chips

Thursday, 21st April at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by OSHUG. Starts at 6:30 PM.

At this Open Source Hardware User Group meeting we will be given an intro to programmable logic and the associated development cycle, hear about applications in computer conservation, and learn about open source chip design, the OpenCores community and the MIPS-like OpenRISC 1000 CPU.

Introduction to Programmable Logic

In this short introductory talk we will cover the basics of programmable logic devices and talk about the design, synthesis, simulation, implementation and programming cycles associated with FPGA projects

Omer Kilic

Omer is a research student at the University of Kent working on dynamically reconfigurable architectures and embedded systems.

Computer Conservation with FPGAs

In this talk, Lawrence Wilkinson discusses how recreated a IBM System/360 Model 30 mainframe as a gate-level simulation, using the original circuits and microcode. Development of the project continues with the further addition of storage and I/O devices.

Lawrence Wilkinson

Lawrence Wilkinson currently supports various factory test systems for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix in Northamptonshire.

OpenCores, Chip Design and the OpenRISC 1000

This talk will look at what is involved in putting together an open source chip design. In particular the licensing issues represent a challenge, with standard F/OSS licenses having serious weaknesses when it comes to licensing hardware.

Jeremy Bennett

Dr Jeremy Bennett is Chief Executive of Embecosm Limited.

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