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Payment and monetization or how to get your endless night worth the dread!

Thursday, 21st April in London

This meetup was organised by Londroid: The London Android User Group in April 2011


This month's Londroid meetup is on Payment and monetization, with three excellent talks on three different payment providers for in-app billing on Android: Google, Paypal, and Paythru

Integrating PayPal In-App and Mobile Browser Payments on Android

Anthony Hicks and Corrado Tomassoni of Paypal will present a talk on “Integrating PayPal In-App and Mobile Browser Payments on Android”.

Anthony Hicks

I work for PayPal UK helping strategic partners and platform developers use our APIs

Corrado Tomassoni

Corrado is Developer Community Manager, Europe at PayPal

In App Billing on Android Market

Richard Hyndman of Google will be presenting an overview of the full feature set of In-App Billing on the Android Market

Richard Hyndman

Richard is a Developer Advocate for Android at Google in the UK. He has enjoyed over 10 years in the mobile industry, including experience running a VC funded mobile start up, working for a large mobile operator and a few years consulting. With his J


Accompanied by key members of his Innovation & Development teams, Russell Sheffield will help Londroid get under the bonnet of Paythru!

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