Monday, 26th June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Kubernetes london in June 2017


Deployment pipelines with Kubernetes

Developers would rather avoid gatekeeping in order to have shorter feedback loops. Ops teams would rather be prepared for what's going into production and when, in order to avoid surprises and prepare support training. In this talk you will learn about the process of creating a deployment pipeline for Kubernetes using Gitlab CI, what checks you can use to catch human error early, and ways of validating that changes won’t cause problems later. This talk will improve your ability to design deployment processes which avoid developer pain but build operational trust.

Charlotte Godley

Charlotte is a backend software engineer at Dotmesh, with experience learning about, operating, and most importantly breaking Kubernetes clusters.

Deep-dive on Kubernetes networking

Kubernetes networking can feel a bit overwhelming for some people. In this talk Tim will walk us from the basics to the more advanced topics in Kubernetes networking. Tim will explain some of the design decision which drove the networking architecture and much more. Check it out!

Tim Hockin

Tim is a Principal SW Engineer, Kubernetes & Google Container Engine, Google

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