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LRUG July Meetup

Monday, 10th July in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in July 2017


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Building a webserver in Elixir

To a Ruby developer Elixir can seam like one of an overwhelming selection of trendy new languages. Elixir's lightweight processes mark it as unusual among these new languages, and give it a unique set of strengths. This talk explores the virtues of Elixir processes and demonstrates how to work with them. Finally we will take a deeper dive into a real world example; constructing a capable webserver.

Peter Saxton

Currently building rich web applications at my company Workshop 14. Previously started a PhD developing components for quantum computers. Left because the real world has a much faster feedback loop. Enjoys working with Ruby, Elixir and JavaScript. p.s. also erlang, Typescript, Python, Haskell, Ocaml, Kotlin, labview, D and scala. Will take any opportunity to get immersed in the Great Outdoors.

Better scripting with Crystal

What are the benefits of porting existing Ruby scripts to Crystal?

How can writing scripts from scratch in Crystal impact our productivity?

We'll explore these questions and highlight differences and similarities between the two languages in the process.

Lorenzo Barasti

Engineering manager, ex Scala developer, Ruby enthusiast. When he is not working at Babylon, Lorenzo can be found enjoying some underground gig in north London.

Pushing Jekyll to breaking point

Jekyll is a static web development tool, used by GitHub Pages. Most uses are pretty simple, but you can do a lot more complex things with it too. This talk will explain how I’ve used git submodules, deeply nested JSON, CSV data, and other techniques to produce complex data-driven sites with rich output, all on GitHub Pages in vanilla Jekyll. It will also explain why some of this is a *really* bad idea, and reveal the true horror of some of the code required :)

James Smith

James is Head of Engineering at Apolitical, an organisation connecting public servants from around the world to share their best ideas. He was previously Head of Labs at the Open Data Institute, and is passionate about using open source and web technology to build a better future for all.

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