Meet up

Building Cloud Castles

Monday, 11th April in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in April 2011


Tonight we have two talks: Ben Scofield will be talking about Building Cloud Castles, and Elise Huard will be presenting on the state of concurrency in Ruby

Building Cloud Castles

Ben Scofield from Heroku is visiting us on his way home from the Scottish Ruby Conference and has kindly volunteered to give this talk on cloud-deployed systems. A year ago, I was a committed VPS and dedicated-machine deployer. I thought the cloud imposed silly restrictions. I've since worked on cloud-deployed systems, and certain large traditionally-deployed systems.

Ben Scofield

At Viget Labs, Ben Scofield builds Rails applications for Web 2.0 star

Ruby goes to Hollywood

Elise Huard will be at LRUG give this talk on a brief overview of the state of concurrency in Ruby, concurrency models used in other languages, and why actors might be the way to go.

Elise Huard

Elise has been doing software for 15 years, from startups to large consultancies. She’s tried her hand at many technologies, wrote a book about developing games in Haskell, and is now doing data science and engineering with Mastodon C. She enjoys hard problems, tangly maths, science fiction, running, making and consuming food.

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