Meet up

Using C/C++ code in Python

Monday, 10th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Full Stack Quants in July 2017


Using C/C++ code in Python

Lots of Python packages wrap C or C++ code. But what kind of magic is required to build your own?

This head-first tutorial takes you through all the steps from writing a C++ function to doing 'pip install' and running it in Python.

Jack Grahl

Jack Grahl works on software testing, QA and delivery for PrismFP Analytics. His mission is to enable a team developing sophisticated data proccessing and analytics software in Python and R to move fast without breaking too much stuff. He studied Mathematics at UCL and gained a PhD in Probability and Measure Theory. He has previously worked as a quantitative analyst and written code in C#, Perl, Python and C++ for hedge funds and financial software companies.

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