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Swift London | August Talks

Thursday, 10th August at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Swift London in August 2017


Type Erasure in Swift: Generic Data Source

Gonçalo will be looking at the practical uses with live coding to show how to fix any problems that might arise!

Gonçalo Alvarez

Gonçalo is an iOS Developer at Farfetch.

Adventures in ARKit (with magic)

Andrew Hart

iOS Product Developer, mainly working on TwIM and some AR stuff.

Swift for Arduino: An Experimental Compiler

Carl Peto

I have spent 20 or 30 years working with all kinds of computer tech I could get my hands on. From big machines back in the 90s down to little shiny phones you hold in your hand nowadays. Writing iOS since pretty much the first iPhones, my day job is Swift fanatic with a dash of objective C and a side interest in "IoT". I'm currently working at a start up specialising in high tech IoT projects. And Arduino and Pi have been my side interest for ages. Half my flat is connected to one prototype or another.

Swift London | August Talks

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18:30 Doors open / Tea 🍪 ☕️

19:00 Talk

19:15 Talk

19:30 Mingle

19:45 Talk

20:00 Talk

20:15 Thank you / 🍻

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