Monday, 16th October in London

This meetup was organised by LJC: London Java Community in October 2017


Building Event Systems

Microservices, a word as hard to define as distributed systems can be to build. Yet they are now a very popular approach to building systems that can adapt and thrive on change.

Domain Driven Design and event systems have been much discussed as a solution for distribution, but how should you build them? Existing DDD frameworks were designed and built before highly distributed systems became popular, and don't have distributed communication built in. Event sourcing is an option, rather than a core concern. They certainly aren't built natively to work well with Spring Boot.

This talk introduces a new project, Newton, built on the Muon programming model ( Taking the rich message based Reactive APIs of Muon, it is naturally distributed and gives you powerful event based approaches to building event sourced Aggregate Roots, Process Managers (aka Sagas), implementing CQRS, Views, Commands and other DDD patterns. It is implemented purely in Spring Boot, and gives you a way to quickly and effectively get started in building an event based Microservices system on the JVM.

In this talk you will see the underlying Muon approach, learn what and event based system looks like, and how you can design, build and extend it in Spring Boot using the Newton DDD framework.

David Dawson

David Dawson takes his passion for design, architecture and philosophy to all their clients, drinks their coffee and gives them Microservice platforms and systems in return.

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