Monday, 11th September in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in September 2017


At this month's LRUG we'll be looking at effective automations to help you save time and the best way to maintaining perfect project history! Check it out.

Let Humans Human and Computers Computer - A Tale of Building Effective Automations

Boring, repetitive tasks, are, if we like it or not, part of our daily routine as developers. We can try to automate them away as much as possible, but what exactly makes a good automation? By looking at a number of common and not so common automations, we'll see how we can make computers do what they do best and at the same time keep us humans in control.

Jan Krutisch

Jan Krutisch is Chief Pizza Officer at Depfu, your friendly dependency update robot factory. He's been infected by the Rails bug ever since the 15 minute blog video and while he’s been dabbling in a lot of things over the years, Ruby continues to be his happy place. While building Depfu he’s still learning new things every day and would like that to stay that way, thank you very much.

Hindsight: Creating the Perfect Project History

A demonstration of a new proof-of-concept ruby tool for automatically creating a perfect project history using git, tests and coverage tools. How would you have built your app if you knew from the start everything you know now.

Ben Griffiths

Ben's been using ruby since, gulp, 2002. He's worked at Reevoo, Thoughtworks, GDS, Moo and some other places. He's currently Head of Technology for dxw, a small digital agency who specialise in building better services for the public sector.

A Trip Back to Where I Grew Up

Andrew recently revisited a place he left long ago. He was happy to find that things had changed for the better, and wants to share his story.

Andrew McDonough

Andrew has been writing software professionally for 15 years. He cofounded Tribesports, a sports brand and vertically-integrated ecommerce company. These days, he works as a consultant CTO and technical advisor to several London-based startups. In his spare time, he organises Techrunners, a running group for people working in the technology industry.

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