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Go London User Group September

Tuesday, 19th September in London

This meetup was organised by GO London User Group in September 2017


Are you interested in learning about what's new in Go 1.9? What about how Go can elevate your Machine Learning model? Don't miss this month's Go London User Group to find out more!

Using gRPC-Web to connect GopherJS apps to gRPC backends

Johan Brandhorst

Johan likes gaming, programming, floorball, skiing and many other things. He's originally from Sweden but currently lives and work in the United Kingdom. Johan works at InfoSum, a data startup in Basingstoke, UK.

Go 1.9 Release Party

What's new in Go 1.9? Come join the party to find out and discuss what the latest and greatest version of Go has to offer.

Power up your project with the Machine Box Go SDK

Machine Learning is eating the world, we are going show and tell, how to use and Go to use state of the art Machine Learning models, to power up your projects with an amazing features.

David Hernandez

David Hernandez is one of the founders at Machine Box where he develops Machine Learning models, to help companies on the adoption and usage of Artificial Intelligence in production.

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