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Mylyn: Closing the Agile ALM loop with task-focused collaboration

Tuesday, 10th May in London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in May 2011


Mylyn: Closing the Agile ALM loop with task-focused collaboration

The rapid adoption of Mylyn as a collaboration technology by developers, and as an ALM integration layer by Agile tool vendors, is making the transformational role of task-focused collaboration clear. In order to get the full benefits of Agile, the planning loop must be connected to development activities across the application lifecycle.

This talk will examine how re-aligning collaboration around a unified notion of tasks not only accelerates developer’s adoption of Agile project management tools, but also yields a measurable productivity benefit when deployed across the organization. Attendees will learn how tool-based integration between development activities and Agile planning and collaboration can provide a transformational productivity benefit across the software production process.

The showcase will provide attendees with enough background to get their projects started on task-focused collaboration. A review of the productivity and knowledge tracking mechanisms that the task-focused interface enables will provide a background on tracking the success of Agile tool rollouts by using productivity and usage metrics. For tasks, Mylyn already streamlines workflow by providing first-class task integration with the IDE.

The recent Mylyn project restructuring will soon enable the same integrated workflows for code reviews, builds and version control systems like Git.

Benjamin Muskalla

Benjamin Muskalla is a software developer at Tasktop Technologies in Munich, Germany.

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