Next speaking on 3rd October 2017 in London, at droidcon London Bytes with Andrew Lord!

I’m a Senior Android Developer at Ocado Technology in Hatfield, UK.

I spend my time building Android apps, whilst preaching about code quality, automated testing and Material Design! I’m very passionate about coding and the Android platform - always trying to learn more and I love to use what I know and what I learn to make things easier for other developers.

I am also passionate about video games and like to develop games for Android and iOS using the Unity game engine - involving scripts written in C#.

My open source Android libraries can be found on GitHub at @andrewlord1990.

Andrew tweets at @andrewlord1990.

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Let's make beautiful code

I am a software developer focused on Android, but also Unity games. I am really passionate about programming and experimenting with new things. I love writing beautiful, clean and testable code.

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Mobile Team Leader at Ocado Technology