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Colin believes in successful delivery first time every time. As a champion of the Zero-Known Defect approach to delivery coupled with BDD, Cynefin and agility he enjoys helping others to discover practices that can enable them to succeed. Colin runs the BDD Practice for Capita IT Professional Services and through work has met a wealth of exciting individuals across a number of industries, and looks forward to meeting many more. As a speaker at several UK testing conferences Colin has had opportunity to offer a challenge, revision and extension to the Agile Manifesto and impart alternative approaches to BDD that have found success with his clients. With a degree in Environmental Science, Colin applies his university-learnt critical thinking skills to agility over Agile while taking advantage of the Awesome Things inherent in practices such as Kanban, SCRUM and BDD.

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Talks I've Given

About me

If it's "average" then change something, anything. It may make a huge difference.

BDD practitioner and Shift Left advocate: enables teams to transition from old-school manually intensive waterfall / V-model approaches to agile, emphasising the need for upfront communication between all stakeholders within and without the team, automating all scenarios to ensure successful delivery first time, every time.

Delivers working software that meets requirements, needs and expectations. Continuously tracks against a target of Zero Known Defects and maintains this through UAT, BAT and out to Production. We do not maintain defect lists. We produce working systems.

My Work

Head of Product and Innovation at Capita Application Services