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CTO’s CTO. Director. Restaurateur. Angel

CTO at large. Restaurateur. Invest/Advise/Ex @HydroplaneAero @MassDynamicsCo @Cookaborough @SecCodeWarrior @Canva @Atlassian @ThoughtWorks OzEmail

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Talks I've Given

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Josh Graham, Chief Dispenser of Pleasantries, has over three decades of experience in the software industry. Although semi-retired, he’s a CTO, advisor, and angel investor.

Josh has held advisory and leadership roles at influential startups and consultancies like Cookaborough, Secure Code Warrior, mPort, Simple Machines, Canva, Atlassian, Hashrocket, ThoughtWorks, and OzEmail.

Josh was a member of the technical advisory board of Infrastructure NSW, co-organizes the annual AIT Workshop in Anguilla (f.k.a. speakerconf “The International Software Technology Summit"​), and chairs YOW! Data and the YOW! CTO Summit.

He believes the software industry is a vehicle to help change the world to be a better place; that it is a field belonging to passionate, engaged, intellectual and ethical individuals; and that it is and should always remain accessible to those from all walks of life.

You may have already met Josh at one of his bars or restaurants.

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