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David Pollak is a long time Scala dude, interested in Functional Programming, Scala, Clojure and making things better.

David has written a popular framework in Scala (Lift) and a book about Scala (Beginning Scala). He's been doing Scala since 2006, and more recently has picked up Clojure.

David has also started work on his Plugh framework and founded Visi.Pro, Cloud Computing for the Rest of Us along with the Visi Language open source project.

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Talks I've Given

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A geeky, lawyery, weirdo who has been doing this for a long time

David Pollak has a long and checkered history in the high tech community. He invented the real time spreadsheet, built the first multi-user spreadsheet, founded the Lift web framework, and wrote Beginning Scala. David is currently CTO at Funcatron and is into reducing the gnarly mess that most software devolves into over time. David’s a lawyer by training and a notable loudmouth.

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Lift founder, Geek at Funcatron


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