Gerhard always enjoys a good challenge, and the learnings that go with it. He is fascinated by infrastructure problems, especially those that get in the way of delivering value to end-users. He keeps things simple and to the point.

At the beginning it was just HTML and CSS, but soon after he added Javascript, PHP & MySQL and since 2012, he has been Ruby all the way.

He's discovered that his sysadmin knowledge is above average, tunnels, daemons, bash scripting (including sed & awk) just come naturally. He prefers Ubuntu for Rails environments and CentOS for virtualization, mail servers and repository servers.

Capistrano is another tool that he has been spending time with. After a few days re-writing some legacy deployment recipes, he's touched on the interaction components, event stacking, tunneling (gateways) and decoupling.

Gerhard still enjoys front-end coding the most, mainly when it's built on top of something sexy such as Rails or Ruby. There's nothing more satisfying than some old fashioned XHTML and CSS (all standards compliant and accessible, of course).

Talks I've Given

Keep it simple. Write tests. Measure.

My Work

Software Engineer