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Matt is an Oklahama-born, Texas-raised southerner with brief Australian and British residences. He learnt programming in high school but quickly branched into scientific computing, compilers, web development, and computer security.

He finally settled with a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas and two security certifications from "the man". The remaining 90% of Matt's experience was filled with his involvement in two startups, one SXSW campaign, a healthy dose of freelance web development, an opportunity to author a few books, some speaking arrangements at large conferences, and a consulting position that helped to round out his eccentricity with soft-skills, management exposure, and a place in the Houston community.

At the Iron Yard, Matt works to break down concepts into delicious bite-sized morsels, meant to be enjoyed with crafty beer, memorable memes, and sophisticated southern and British "humour".

Check out Matt's blog here, or peruse The Iron Yard's website here.

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