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Paul is an iOS expert combining skills in mobile product design with extensive software engineering experience. An influencer and leader having worked with development teams, key stakeholders and corporate clients incl. Apple and Sky.

After years masquerading as a professional developer, Paul discovered 'Clean Code' and began a journey to a new understanding of what being a software professional meant. That journey continues through working with best practices such as TDD, Acceptance Testing and Pair Programming "as standard" in the pursuit of building the best possible software; Paul believes in the principle of getting software right early, and then keeping it working as intended.

Writes intermittently about the art and craft of iOS development guided by principles of professional agile software development at

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Talks I've Given

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To do great things, requires great discipline!

Paul has worked at startups and companies including Sky & Apple and now heads mobile at Equal Experts. As one of the industry’s most seasoned practitioners, Paul is an advocate of Clean Code, SOLID principles and Acceptance Test Driven Development in the pursuit of beautifully made software for iOS

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Head of Mobile at Equal Experts