Robin Bate Boerop

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Robin has been making software professionally for 20 years. For 9 years, he has led software teams in consulting engagements and as part of Silicon Valley tech startups. He co-founded a Canadian software technology company that was acquired in 2014. Haskell is his preferred programming language, but his recent coding contributions have been DevOps engineering efforts for which he uses Nix. Robin is a software development consultant at Tweag.

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Talks I've Given

About me

Global Software Leadership Consultant

I am a software professional passionate about improving the process of making software.

I have 20 years of experience as a software engineer; I have worked in big business (IBM), consulted for open source organizations (Mozilla), founded software tech startups (UserEvents), and worked in the Silicon Valley tech startup scene (Engine ML).

I have spent half of my career managing teams. In recent years, creating effective software teams has led me to DevOps practices.

I have demonstrated skills in Haskell, Nix, performance programming techniques, concurrency control mechanisms, big data architectures, memory management algorithms, compiler construction theory, C/C++ development, Docker, build systems, agile methodologies, Scrum, cloud computing, project management, and more.

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Software Consultant at Tweag


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