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Russ Miles is CEO and co-founder of Reliably, where he and his team build products and services that help developers build and run reliable systems. Russ is co-founder of the free and open source Chaos Toolkit project, and is also an international consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. His most recent book, "Learning Chaos Engineering" by O'Reilly Media explores how to build trust and confidence in modern, complex systems by applying chaos engineering to surface evidence of system weaknesses before they affect your users.

Russ Miles is on a mission, as an Author, Speaker and Engineering Manager, to help people thrive in one of the harshest, and potentially impactful, working environments: software system engineering.

Through his books, mentorship, open source contributions, talks, courses and his daily work, Russ tries to help people that are responsible for building and running some of today's most critical software-based systems to develop their own personal resilience, empathy, EQ and grit to flourish at work and in their lives.

Russ can be reached in email at, on Linkedin, and on Twitter.

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Talks I've Given

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Director of Chaos (Engineering) at

Russ Miles is CEO of where he and his team build commercial and open source ( products and provide services to companies applying Chaos Engineering to build confidence in their Cloud Native, Microservice-based systems on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and more.

Russ is an international speaker and author, most recently having published “Antifragile Software: Building Adaptable Software with Microservices” where he explores how to apply Chaos Engineering to construct and manage complex, distributed systems in production with confidence.

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