SUN, the creators of Java Technology is a leading provider of trusted open source software for mission-critical enterprise applications. Sun created and sustains the development of the Java Platform.

Sun believes Open source is the ideal development and business model for today's massively connected Participation Age economy and contributes to many free and Open Source projects, covering a wide variety of technologies. Develop With a Community: Build On The Commons and Work With the Latest Advancements Sun understands the value of community development and has always been a community participant for that very reason. Not only is Sun now the single largest contributor of open source technologies behind UC Berkeley, but we are a member of many leading communities as well, including the Apache Software Foundation and GNOME, and have worked with the community to build technologies like the Apache Tomcat Java Servlet and Java Server Pages implementation in an open, participatory environment.

Skills Matter & Sun

Skills Matter and Sun work together through a close global partnership provide training and events on open source Java technologies to our joint customer base. As part of its extensive Java Traning portfolio, tiSun provides Skills Matter's JSF, Ajax, Spring, Hibernate, Swing and Struts related training courses to its customers worldwide and Skills Matter offers some of Sun's basic and advanced Java technology courses to its customer base in Europe, incuding Sun's core Java couses and its EJB3 course.

Furthermore, Skills Matter and Sun work together on several Open Source Community events, including Skills Matter eXchanges, often sponsored by Sun and Sun's JavaOne, where Skills Matter regularly contributes to the University Sessions.

Past Events