Harness the power of open source MLOps to productionise your AI. Our solutions are endlessly adaptable, tailored to your exact needs, and fully yours to own. Unleash the potential of your AI.

Based in Manchester, we are an experienced team of engineers and data science specialists, all passionate about the power of open source MLOps. Our clients tell us that we’re knowledgeable, helpful and good to work with. We work hard to earn their trust.

We passionately believe that open source tools are the best way to create MLOps solutions. They give you more flexibility. They’re future proof. They can be tweaked according to your needs. Plus, importantly, you own the solution. You’re not locked into a proprietary product, which may not be able to change and adapt as your needs evolve.

We also know that the tools themselves are only part of the equation. We spend time working closely with our clients, to ensure they fully understand how best to use these tools to move forwards. See us as an extension of your in-house team.

Our industry is littered with proprietary platforms, all claiming to be ‘the best’. Reading about them all is both bewildering and exhausting. But our experience has shown that the fastest, most cost effective and flexible choice for our clients is to develop bespoke MLOps solutions using open source tools.

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