Software Architecture is our DNA!

ITech Progress is iSAQB® accredited training provider and a highly specialized IT consultancy company.With the ITech Academy, we have created a place to pass on our years of experience in software architecture, software engineering and software development in training and coaching. These combine the best of our expertise in complex systems, proven technologies, architectures and best practices in software development and architecture.

We offer a wide range of training courses from the Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA®) certification program. As our managing director, Mahbouba Gharbi, is the chairwoman of the iSAQB®, we are actively involved in the design of the certification curricula for software architects.Since 18 years we have been advising our clients on innovative architectural concepts such as microservices, cloud architectures and software patterns in all phases of their IT projects – from conception, design and implementation to quality management. Furthermore, we support our clients in requirements management, testing and IT project management. Renowned organizations from the public, financial, and IT services as well as from the automotive sector trust our holistic approach of consulting and training.

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