Test Partners is an independent UK-based software testing company, founded in 2001 to provide specialist outsource software testing services to digital agencies and companies of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational corporates and public sector organisations. We have a Test Centre in Central London and also provide on-site testing services.

We specialise in testing websites and web-based applications such as e-commerce, online banking, trading portals, e-learning and social networks, and have undertaken more than 650 functionality and compatibility testing projects and more than 150 accessibility-related projects including technical testing, user testing, expert reviews, training and consultancy.

No job is too big or too small! Our efficient process can be scaled to tackle projects from one-hour engagements to projects lasting weeks or months. Turn-around time is invariably a critical element, and we can respond to most requests for testing within 24 hours. If necessary we can provide an around-the-clock service, maximising efficiency, ensuring that you can make your deadlines whilst still delivering quality to your customers.

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